Inventing System That Works Better Than Well?

It’s good for business. To have a pharmacy inventory system that works well. Or would it not be better to have a system that works even better than well? Yes, that sounds just about right if you’re still a single owner retail pharmacy store owner at the moment. Because boy, is it getting tough out there. Which is why many students straight out of medicine school might want to join a franchise operation.

pharmacy inventory system

It is a safe entry into what may well turn out to be a lucrative and rewarding career. Rewarding in the sense that hundreds of locals, particularly those that are critically ill, will always be getting their medication on time. And of course, lucrative in the sense that this is a business from which serious money could be made. And young, enterprising medical students should by now thinking in that direction anyhow.

It seems to be a better course of action to take to rather do an internship with a recognised and registered private concern rather than be saddled with the burdensome hours of the public health system. In the latter case, medical interns, particularly those deployed to the emergency services wards, pharmacy grads would be amongst them, tend always to be saddled with the standard twelve-hour shifts.

What with mental fatigue always setting in, it can hardly be helpful for the work that needs to be done. At least with private enterprise, work hours, shorter, can always be flexible. And there will be plenty more hours available for post-grad studies for those students who remain ambitious. Apart from studying medicine, they’ll also want to get stuck in with their business administration studies. And why not add an MBA onto what could turn out to be an exemplary resume.